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Should you buy a leather jacket as a gift?

leather jackets as a gift

With the holidays here, many people are thinking about buying their husband, wive, son or friend a leather jacket. The question is, is buying them a leather jacket a good idea? Why not you may ask. Well in a lot of cases it is a good idea and I’m sure they will be very happy with it. However for a lot of people, a leather jacket is a personal thing.

What I mean is, for the real biker who is looking to get a new leather motorcycle jacket, he has an idea of what he wants. Maybe he wants air vents on the back, or maybe on the sides. Perhaps he wants to get laces on the side, or he wants to get one this time with a zip out liner. There are lots of things a person may want in a leather jacket you don’t know about. Continue reading Should you buy a leather jacket as a gift?

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What is faux fur leather coats and jackets made of?

what is faux fur leather jackets and coats made of?

With the Holidays here, many guys think about getting their wives or girlfriends a fur, or faux fur leather jacket or coat. But just what is faux fur? What is faux fur made out of? Is faux fur cheap or quality? Well, years ago leather fur coats were popular and was seen as something up there with getting a diamond necklace.

A mink fur coat was a status symbol. Then organizations against the cruelty to animals made everyone more aware of the suffering and inhuman treatment that fur animals go through. So now many look down on real fur coats and jackets, and instead opt for faux fur leather jackets and coats. But many still don’t know just what a fuax fur is.

Faux is pronounced “foe” and is French for “not real”. Years ago people who wanted a fur coat but could not afford one got a fake fur leather coat instead. So they were looked on as cheap, and most were. But today a faux fur leather coat is the norm and is very fashionable and most are quality made. Many leather coats have an inside liner of faux fur. Continue reading What is faux fur leather coats and jackets made of?

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Care of leather jackets in the winter and cold

care of leather jackets in the winter and cold

When winter comes most people put away their leather motorcycle jackets. Unless your down south like Florida where I am. In that case it’s perfect for biking at this time of year! But even if your up north there still are plenty of fashion leather jackets and shearling leather jackets made for the winter to wear as all around jackets and coats.

Most have no idea what, if any, extra care should be done with leather jackets in the winter time. There are a few things you should do to help your leather jacket make it through the winter months as best as possible, as well as things not to do. The number one enemy of leather jackets in the cold winter months is drying out from the cold dry air. Continue reading Care of leather jackets in the winter and cold

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Ladies warm leather jackets for cold weather

warm ladies leather jacketsladies leather jacket

Sorry I have not been keeping up on the post, been real busy! I have not added much to my store section, but I’m working on it. One of the things I’m going to add is Ladies warm fashion leather jackets like in the picture above. Some people are confused as to if leather jackets are really warm. Leather makes a great windbreaker, which accounts for a lot of cold.

So once you combine a good liner with a good leather jacket you end up with a very warm jacket. If it’s a sheepskin shearling leather jacket it’s one of the warmest jackets you can own. But you don’t even need a liner that thick. A thinsulate zip out liner like the ones in the leather jackets in my store keep you nice and warm in cold weather.

Now, I don’t mean minus 10 degrees temperatures! For that then your best bet is a down parka or shearling coat. But for most normal cold weather of 10 degrees above and higher a leather jacket or coat with a thinsulate liner will be plenty warm. With a zip out liner that same leather jacket will be able to be worn in warmer weather too.

I will be carrying about 8 or so ladies warm fashion leather jackets. Some have faux fur liners and collars. Some have just the thinsulate liner. All are very warm and toasty, two even have hoods that are hidden when not in use. So you get a warm jacket with good leather fashion looks. Look for them in the store in about a week!

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Leather motorcycle jacket zip out liners, good or bad?

leather motorcycle jacket zip out liner

Hi everyone, hope your weekend is going well. One of the biggest choices you have when buying a leather jacket is, do you get one that has a zip out liner or not? There’s a lot of fans of both sides to that question. People who love leather jacket zip out liners will never get one without, and those who hate them will never get one with them.

Let’s see just what are the different kinds of zip out liners, because there are differences, and why you should or should not get one. The two most common types of leather jacket zip out liners are the vest type and the full sleeve kind. The vest type fits around your body but does not line the sleeves, just like a vest, which is why it’s called that.

The full sleeve zip out liner zips the body part to the inside jacket, but it also has full sleeves that you push through the leather jacket sleeves and usually attaches to the ends by small buttons on the inside of the sleeve ends. So it’s like a thin full jacket inside your leather jacket. Now, why would you want a leather jacket zip out liner? Continue reading Leather motorcycle jacket zip out liners, good or bad?