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Leather diamond pattern halter top youtube video

HI everyone, long time no post here! Summer is keeping me pretty busy so It’s hard to find the time to keep updated. I wanted to show you another youtube video I made with my model friend Ashley.

It’s one of my first videos so it’s a bit dark and grainy. I know a lot more now about how to make the videos look good. But anyway this is on youtube so I thought I’d share. She is modeling a very nice leather halter top with a styled collar and diamond pattern back.

It looks really nice and fits you well. This leather halter top is very soft too. You can see all my leather youtube videos at my youtube channel here. Stop by there and become a friend if you have your own youtube account!

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Ladies leather pink halter top youtube video

Sorry I’m not coming up with better leather post, I’ve just been real busy. This is another youtube video I made with my friend. She’s modeling a cute pink leather halter top. I can see I’ve got to do a lot of work getting my videos better!

I need to get closer, too much background in the videos. Also I want to take some outside, the light is much better out there and they would come out better. Plus the background would look better, unless I do them in a wal-mart parking lot!

But my friend is cute, so I’m sure you don’t mind looking at her in this video. I’ll try to post a really good article about leather soon. Meantime enjoy this ladies pink leather halter top youtube video. 😉

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women’s leather halter tops & biker top

women\'s leather halter tops and leather biker halters

My, what a beautiful day it is out today! It’s just right for seeing some hot babes out wearing women’s leather halter tops and biker halters. Today leather halter tops come in a wide variety of styles, colors and designs. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they are a leather halter top or some kind of vest or tank top.

Diamond back leather halter topToday’s woman’s leather halter top can have collars, leather braiding, pockets, zippers, snaps, studs and many other designs. The leather halter top to the left here has a popular diamond back cut. If your a woman with the right figure, a leather halter top looks damn sexy. The biggest problem with getting a leather halter top is finding just the right size and shape that fits your body and,,uh,,, breast!

Different brands cut the leather sizes differently, so it can be very frustrating to find the right type and size that fits you. A quality leather halter top will try to have a stretchy back or sides to better fit your shape. If the top snaps in place it may have two different places to snap for a better fit. Some have side laces that not only look hot but also make it fit better on your body.
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