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Quality leather handbags and purses from ebags

Leather bags at Ebags!

Now that the holidays are over many are going out and getting the gifts for themselves that they never got! For ladies that might be a nice leather handbag or purse. A quality leather handbag is never out of fashion. And if you choose one that has a unique design, your overall appearance will get you out of the crowd. More than that, a leather bag is a versatile item that looks good with most outfits.

When buying a leather bag, the most important is to know exactly what you need. The wide variety of leather bags available on the market can be overwhelming, so the best is to browse a store offering different handbags types. This way you won’t need to go from one store to another, which can be confusing.

Handbags at is one of the most popular online leather handbags stores and features more than 2,000 types of leather bags. Here you can find backpacks, clutches, cross-body bags, double handles, hobos, messenger bags, satchels, shoulder bags, slings, suede, top zip shoulder bags and totes. This store has something for everyone, even for kids and moms.
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Leather handbags & purses

Leather handbags and purses

What’s going on everyone? The weekend is finally here, I bet your glad of that! I thought I would talk a little about leather handbags and purses today. I try to make this a leather site about all things leather, so I’ll include purse and handbags, at least once. Now, almost no where else is the problem of cheap and fake leather more common than in handbags and purses!

Most of the leather handbags out there are not real leather at all. There are a wide variety of “synthetic” leather that is passed of as leather. That means it’s rubber or plastic, with some fabric thrown in. Simulated real leather, leather-like, leather grain pattern, leatherette, all those names are fancy fronts for non leather fabric.

Even the real leather purses can be really cheap. Of course we have the patchwork leather purses too, which are even worst than the fake leather knock-offs! Don’t get a patch work, bonded leather purse or handbag. They will fall apart almost as soon as you start using them. They also often use leather so thin it rips just dragging a fingernail over it. Continue reading Leather handbags & purses