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Make getting a quality leather jacket your new years resolution

Quality leather jackets

Now that it’s 2010 it’s time to make some new years resolutions that you can keep! One of those can be finally getting a quality leather jacket. Maybe you have a patchwork or bonded leather jacket. Or you have a faux leather jacket, or leather-like jacket. None of those compare with a nice, real, quality leather jacket.

A leather jacket made of pigskin, cowhide or buffalo will last for years. Getting a naked, top grain leather jacket is the best of the best. It does not have to cost much either. The ones I sell here are all top quality and they go for between $130.00 to a little over $200.00 in most cases. NONE are patchwork or bonded leather.

A quality leather jacket or leather motorcycle jacket with a zip out liner is warm for cold weather yet cool enough for most of the year. Almost all have YKK zippers, which are the best. Many also have nice leather braiding, beads, leather fringe and more, as well as plain ones.

They also have free shipping in the USA, always. I’m working on getting much more in here soon. ( I know, I’ve said that before!) So make this year the one you finally get a real, high quality leather jacket you can be proud of. Take a look at the ones I have and see if you like any. If not, shoot me a message and I’ll be glad to recommend other sites that have what your looking for. 🙂

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Is a leather jacket always the right choice?

leather motorcycle jackets

It’s been a very hot summer here in Florida. That of course means riding the hog has been a sweat-fest most of the time! At least if your the type that believes in always wearing your protective leather jacket. Truth be told a leather jacket is about the hottest type of jacket you can wear in the summer months. The black color absorbs the sun, the leather stops the air from cooling you off.

Even with the air vents that good leather jackets have it’s still not enough when it’s in the 90’s. So is a leather motorcycle jacket always the right choice for riding your bike? Well, the short answer is no, it’s not. Since I sell leather jackets it might be surprising to hear me say that. But this site is about giving you honest answers, not just making a buck.

Now many just love leather and will not wear any other type of motorcycle jacket. The die hard leather bikers can’t bear to wear anything else, even if it means doing a slow burn in the hot sun. I’m like that, but when it gets super hot here in Orlando I switch to a more lighter synthetic jacket that is a light color and more breathable for the hottest two months.

Most of the time in most areas your trying to keep warm, not stay cool. So a leather jacket is the best 90% of the time. But the truth is there are cooler motorcycle jackets that reflect the sun’s heat and lets more air blow through to keep you cool. It’s tempting to just ride around in your T shirt on a hot summer day in Florida.

But if you think it’s hot, just think what your body will look like after sliding down that hot pavement after you take a tumble! So you should always wear a jacket, even when it’s hot out. The new fabric motorcycle jackets are really light and keep you cool, at least as cool as a jacket can. But I sure do miss that smell and feel of my trusty leather jacket!

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Leather jacket spring cleaning

leather jacket spring cleaning

Well even though the folks down here in Florida can ride all year long, most of us put away our bikes for the winter. After a long winter it’s really nice to get that leather motorcycle jacket out and all the gear, go over it and get it ready for riding! Storing a leather jacket over the winter can be very easy or very harmful to it, depending on how you store it.

If you cleaned it good and conditioned it before putting it away in a cool dry place, chances are you don’t have to do anything to it. But lots of times we tend to throw our leather jacket in a corner somewhere, thinking we will get to it later. Then later becomes when you take it out in the spring!

Two of the most common problems you see when storing a leather jacket for the winter are drying and cracking, and mildew. The first problem comes from storing it in a hot and/or too dry place. The second comes from storing it in a damp and wet area, or putting it away with dirt on it. Winters seem to have both conditions in the same house!
Continue reading Leather jacket spring cleaning

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Winter storage of your leather motorcycle jacket

winter care of leather jackets and coats

I know I made a post a while ago about caring for your leather jacket in the winter. Most people who have leather motorcycle jackets store them all winter long. I’ll just give a brief recap of how to best store your leather motorcycle jacket today, because I can’t think of anything else to say today!

Many times in the fall when you get ready to put your leather motorcycle jacket away you are too busy to really do a good job of it. You hang it up thinking “next week I’ll take it back out, clean it and really store it good”. But now it’s January and you just remembered that steam that goes into your closet from the radiator!

The best thing you can do right now is take it out and give it a good look over. Did you clean it good so dirt and crap is not stuck in the zippers, hardware and pockets? Now that you have more time in the long winter days you should get your leather motorcycle jacket out and clean it good. Wipe it down, brush it off and go over the buttons and snaps with a toothbrush to get out dirt. Continue reading Winter storage of your leather motorcycle jacket

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Should you buy a leather jacket as a gift?

leather jackets as a gift

With the holidays here, many people are thinking about buying their husband, wive, son or friend a leather jacket. The question is, is buying them a leather jacket a good idea? Why not you may ask. Well in a lot of cases it is a good idea and I’m sure they will be very happy with it. However for a lot of people, a leather jacket is a personal thing.

What I mean is, for the real biker who is looking to get a new leather motorcycle jacket, he has an idea of what he wants. Maybe he wants air vents on the back, or maybe on the sides. Perhaps he wants to get laces on the side, or he wants to get one this time with a zip out liner. There are lots of things a person may want in a leather jacket you don’t know about. Continue reading Should you buy a leather jacket as a gift?

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Buying a colored dyed leather jacket

colored leather jackets

Buying a colored leather jacket, what do you look for as far as quality goes? How do they make colored leather jackets? Are colored leather jackets dyed, or are they painted? Well let me answer some of those questions! Now then, even your standard black leather jackets are colored in a way. That blue-black color most leather jackets have is not the natural hide color.

Lots of women like pink leather jackets, maybe a white leather jacket. If your getting a leather fashion jacket red, cream, blue and other colors are popular leather jacket colors. You can even get leather jackets that have several colors to it in the form of stripes or sections of the jacket. Continue reading Buying a colored dyed leather jacket