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Small leather items that make good gifts

leather items that make good gifts

In my last post I was saying how maybe getting someone a leather jacket might not be such a great idea, since it’s so personal. But today I’ll tell you about leather items that do make great gifts. There’s a lot of small items for the motorcycle or for yourself made of leather that are great gifts and not too expensive.

A leather purse is one item, that would be for a girl of course! You can find many styles and colors, along with many sizes. While were talking about leather gifts for a woman, another leather gift could be leather ponytail holders. You also can find leather waist pouches, leather backpacks and leather shoulder bags.

For more unisex leather gifts, we have leather cup holders for the motorcycle, leather cigarette cases, leather cell phone holders, leather cigarette lighter cases, lots of different types of leather hats and more. Leather gloves are also a good gift item if you know what style they like. I don’t think leather boots are a good gift, you really need to know the size and style they want. Continue reading Small leather items that make good gifts

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Leather jacket, chaps and apparel sizes

Hi everyone. Today I added a leather sizes chart in my pages. You can see it right over there on your left. Go ahead and browse through it if you want. I made it pretty detailed so you know just what to do. The leather items I will be selling all come from the same central wholesaler, even if the names on the leather items are different. What that means is that all the sizes are the same for all the leather items.

Different brands and manufactures often have slightly different ways of measuring, so a size medium in one brand may fit different than the next brand. All the leather apparel I will carry is from the same place, so all the sizes are consistent. Most of them are in number sizes. That is, instead of a small or medium they go by size 38 or 44 and so on. That is more accurate, as it goes by your real measurements.

Now there is one very important thing you need to know when picking a size for your leather jacket or vest. You measure the largest part of your chest area. Then you ADD 2 INCHES TO IT! What that means is, say your chest is 44 inches around. When you pick a size for your leather jacket, you should get a 46 inch one. That’s because you need to allow for clothes and bending. It’s always better to get one a bit too big than one too small. Some even get one 3 or 4 inches bigger than the chest measurement.

As for leather pants, those you measure around your waist, then get them the same size, or maybe one inch larger. But for leather chaps, you get them 2 inches larger. Most leather pants and chaps come long so you can cut them to the length you want. Cut them as your sitting down so you get them long enough, as they ride up when sitting.

There are more measurements for leather halters, shorts and so on, I put them all in the leather size chart. So skim through it and find out how to measure yourself to find the right leather jacket size, or for any other leather item. Let me know if you have any questions, and remember that if you have any doubts, always get a size bigger than a size smaller!

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How to buy Leather pants, care and cleaning

ladies leather pantsmen\'s leather pants

Leather pants, some still hear that and think of a middle age guy going through a mid-life crisis, or a gay guy! But the fact is leather pants are very much fashionable now, and damn comfortable too. Now in this post I’m talking about leather pants, not leather chaps. I have another post on leather chaps if you want to know about those, use the search box.

Leather pants are shaped and look pretty much like any other pair of pants. There are many more styles of woman’s leather pants than men’s. They can have belt loops, 4 or 5 pockets, front zipper or tie front, leather lace, side lace and they can come with or without a liner. So first the basics, what kind of leather do they use for leather pants?

Well leather pants are not made to protect you as much as chaps are. They are made for comfort, good looks and fashion. So most of them are made from the softer split leather, the side without the top grain. So most of them are very smooth with no real leather grain pattern, but some put a grain pattern on them. Continue reading How to buy Leather pants, care and cleaning

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Adding a leather jacket & apparel store soon!

new leather jacket and leather apparel store at Leather Supreme

Hi everyone. Before too long it will be cooler weather. Bikers up north will have to put away their Harleys for another year. But the lucky ones down south, like where I am, get to ride all year. In fact the fall and winter months are some of the best times to ride here. The weather is perfect, not too hot, not too cold.

Anyway I wanted to let you know that soon I will be opening up a leather store right here inside this site. I can make lots of pages with lots of items. I’ve sold leather jackets and other leather items before. So I know what is good brands and bad brands. When I just started out I sold leather that everyone else did.

That was really cheap leather, and it smelled, came apart and had all kinds of problems with it. So that’s what made me study up on leather, find out what the really good leather is, how to spot it, and who the hell sells it! So now when I open up my leather store I know just where to go, who to buy my wholesale leather from. So just what will I sell?
Continue reading Adding a leather jacket & apparel store soon!