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Is using leather humane for animals?

is using leather items humane?

Well here we are, the big Labor day weekend! I’m flying up to Vermont to see my mom and take in the fall foliage. I’ll stay there about 2 months and work on my laptop. I may even get to meet a pretty babe, life is good! So anyway I wanted to set the record straight as far as if using leather is humane.

Now we know leather comes from animals, mainly cows, pigs, buffalo, goats, sheep and lambs. So there is no denying that wearing leather comes from a dead animal. But the question is, do any animals die because of the leather from their hides? That is, do any animals get killed to take their hide and turn it into leather? The answer is a big NO!

Now I am not talking about fur coats or other items made from fur. Yes, animals like mink, fox and several other types of animals do get raised and killed for the main purpose of using their fur and hide. But for leather items, the hide is a byproduct of the main reason the animal is used for, which is their meat. There is no way it is cost effective to raise an animal just for the hide of it, especially big animals like cows and pigs. Continue reading Is using leather humane for animals?

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How to put studs on a leather jacket, vest or saddlebags

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I’ve been asked a lot how to put studs, crystals and other decorations on a leather jacket, vest or saddlebags. So today I’ll tell you. Now, this is how you put them on anything leather, not just leather jackets, vest or saddlebags. Those are just the ones most people put them on.

leather studs for leather jacketshow to put on leather studs on leather jackets

But you can put them on dusters, pants, chaps, hats, motorcycle seats, anything at all made of leather. There are two different types of studs. The ones that most use and are simple to put on have two prongs on the bottom. All you do is make two small holes for the prongs to go through, then bend them over with some pliers.

The other type has a screw on back. You make a hole in the leather, push the stud through, then screw the bottom part in. Sort of like putting a nut on a bolt. The above youtube video shows how to put the prong type on your leather item. The guys a bit of a punk head, but he does a good job showing how to do it. Continue reading How to put studs on a leather jacket, vest or saddlebags

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Adding a leather jacket & apparel store soon!

new leather jacket and leather apparel store at Leather Supreme

Hi everyone. Before too long it will be cooler weather. Bikers up north will have to put away their Harleys for another year. But the lucky ones down south, like where I am, get to ride all year. In fact the fall and winter months are some of the best times to ride here. The weather is perfect, not too hot, not too cold.

Anyway I wanted to let you know that soon I will be opening up a leather store right here inside this site. I can make lots of pages with lots of items. I’ve sold leather jackets and other leather items before. So I know what is good brands and bad brands. When I just started out I sold leather that everyone else did.

That was really cheap leather, and it smelled, came apart and had all kinds of problems with it. So that’s what made me study up on leather, find out what the really good leather is, how to spot it, and who the hell sells it! So now when I open up my leather store I know just where to go, who to buy my wholesale leather from. So just what will I sell?
Continue reading Adding a leather jacket & apparel store soon!