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Men’s and Ladies’ Sturgis Bike Rally 2020 Tees and Denim Shirts

Mens Sturgis Biker Babe T-Shirt

The 80th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally attracted huge crowds from the U.S. and overseas. As you might already know, the event began in 1938 and became one of the most popular meet-ups for bikers from around the world. The 2015 edition had over 730,000 guests, setting a new record

Today, the event features mind-blowing races, great food, and some of the best music in the country. This year, guests had a chance to see cool bands like Molly Hatchet, Royal Bliss, Lit, and Fire from the Gods. Not to mention all the vendors and food trucks!

The Sturgis Bike Rally 2020 is now over, but you can still get some cool stuff to remind you of the event. Start by checking out the men’s tees and denim biker shirts in our collection! They all have a big, colorful 80th annual Sturgis Bike Rally 2020 design and come in different sizes, from small to 4XL.

We really went back and forth to create unique designs for every taste. If you browse our collection, you’ll see that most models have a cool message printed on the back, like Stand for the Flag, Kneel for the Cross, Ride It Like You Stole It, or Surrender the Booty.

This crew-neck style T-shirt, for example, featured a tattooed Marylyn Monroe sitting on her bike. It also has a badass message that says Outlaw Forever.

All of our tees feature are available in black and made from 100% ring-spun cotton. The denim shirts are acid-washed and have a classic design in a cool faded charcoal color, with two-button chest pockets. Pick one and wear it as is or over a T-shirt.

Some models have a black and white design with hues of grey, while are others are very colorful and feature ghost riders, pinup babes, buffalo skulls, flying eagles, and shooting skeletons, just to name a few.

Ladies Sturgis Psychedelic Skulls Shirt


We haven’t forgotten about you, ladies!

Our Sturgis Bike Rally Shirts for women are just as bold and colorful as those for men. All models have the inscription Sturgis S. Dakota 80th Annual 2020 Bike Rally printed on the back — along with an eye-catching design.

Take this black t-shirt, for example. Like our Sturgis men’s shirts, it’s made from 100% ring-spun cotton and has a cool design that will make you stand out.

The image on the back features four psychedelic skulls with roses in the eye sockets. The front of the t-shirt has the Sturgis logo and event name printed on it — and nothing else — so that it fits with any type of choker, necklace, or scarf.

Other models feature a howling wolf, biker skulls and roses, featured buffalo skulls, winged crosses, and other symbols you’ll fall in love with. As far as the sizing goes, we carry every size from small to 3XL. Did we mention that all t-shirts come in two styles — crew neck and V-neck?

If you forgot to get a T-shirt from this year’s Sturgis Bike Rally, it’s not too late to complete your collection. See this year’s Sturgis Bike Rally 2020 tees and denim shirts in our store and make your pick before they’re gone!