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Leather jackets, perfect for fall motorcycle riding

leather jackets are great for fall motorcycle riding

Labor Day weekend is over, hope everyone had a good time! Soon it will be fall, with cooler weather and leaves changing color up north. Often it gets too hot in the summer to wear a leather jacket, at least in the hottest parts of the summer. But fall, that’s a perfect time to be wearing your leather jacket. A good bike under you, a country road ahead of you and your favorite leather jacket on is heaven!

I’m going up to Vermont, my home state, in October. No, not taking the bike. It’s a bit too far for me, I’m going to fly! But I wish I could bring my bike with me. Fall in Vermont is a fantastic time for biking on all the quiet, scenic country roads. Most of the time in the fall it’s overcast but not really raining, cool but not really cold.

The bugs are gone and you can smell those colorful leaves as they change to orange, gold and red. Having your leather jacket on, maybe with the liner in, keeps out the cold wind yet does not get you too hot. You can play with the zippered air vents till you get it just right for your comfort. Just you and the winding road, maybe seeing a deer or geese here and there.

If you ever get the chance, take your motorcycle and go to Stowe, Vermont in the fall. Go up the mountain road and down into The Notch. Take the toll road to the top of Mt. Mansfield and you’ll see for miles, all the leaves a brilliant color. This is what biking and leather jackets are all about! 🙂