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New Ladies 2021 Sturgis Bike Rally Designs!!!

ladies 2021 sturgis asphalt angel wings tee

Ladies 2021 Sturgis Bike Rally Tees!! 

Hello there everyone this is Leather Babe I am going to be writing about some new ladies 2021 Sturgis Bike Rally designs we have in stock and ready to order!! Continue reading New Ladies 2021 Sturgis Bike Rally Designs!!!

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Newest Mens And Ladies T-shirt Designs!!

men's snake eyes biker t-shirt

Click here to see the latest men’s snake eyes T-shirt today!!!

Good morning everyone I know that it seems like I haven’t wrote on here in awhile. Well now I am back and wanted to stop in and display a couple really cool new t-shirt designs for you, for both men and ladies. As you can see above this is a really interesting looking snake eyes design and it happens to be on the front of a men’s black brand name t-shirt. It is an absolute stunning design it has many details from the snake to the babe and the playing cards. Continue reading Newest Mens And Ladies T-shirt Designs!!

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New Look, New Life for Leather Supreme!

New Leather Supreme look

Hey everyone, Bill the leather man is back! It’s been quite some time since I made a post here. Why you may ask, where ya been? Well I’m still here in Orlando, Florida. My site has been in biz all this time, but it was getting outdated. Okay very outdated!

I was still using PayPal buttons for checkout. The theme was not mobile friendly so it looked like hell on a phone. I just never had time to fix it up right,,, until now. I made a cool biker patch site plus a military patch site.
Continue reading New Look, New Life for Leather Supreme!

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Labor Day weekend motorcycle events

labor day weekend motorcycle events

Well everyone, the summer is winding down. This weekend is Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of summer. Down here in Florida the good weather is just beginning! But for those up north the cold weather will soon be here. Although biking in the fall is nice up there, looking at all the fall leaves and colors. I’m going up to my home state of Vermont in October for a few weeks myself.

There’s lots of motorcycle rides and events going on throughout the country on Labor Day weekend. So many I’m not going to try to list any here. However there is a website that has a motorcycle calendar of events. It list what seems to be every biker ride and event going on all year! There’s lots in there for Labor Day weekend too.

The website is called Motorcycle Events, and it has lots of great links to anything and everything about motorcycles. So if you want to check and see what might be going on in your neck of the woods for Labor Day weekend, check out the link above. Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone, and PLEASE ride safe! 😉

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Motorcycle sales down in recession?

motorcycle sales

I was reading the news the other day and found some stats that was surprising to me. Now that times are hard and people are trying to save money, I thought motorcycle sales would be great. After all, motorcycles are very good on gas, you can buy used ones for only a few thousand and in Florida you don’t even need any insurance! (although that’s not a good idea).

But it turns out that motorcycle dealers are really getting hit hard and are even going out of biz. Why? Well for the most part it’s because of the clamp down on credit. Getting a house, then getting a car are considered basic “needs” and you can get credit easier for those. But a motorcycle is looked at as a toy you don’t need.

So the credit companies are making it really hard to finance one. Even people with great credit are finding out they can’t get a loan for a motorcycle. Getting a Harley is easier because they have their own financing and they are not being as hard as the others. So, if your thinking of getting a motorcycle right now, save up your money!

Try to have as much down as you can so it’s easier to get credit. Go with a Harley if you like them, as it’s easier to get financing with them. If you have bad credit, forget about it. You can always get a used one for a few thousand if your not picky. Good luck!

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Winter blues? Ride your motorcycle now in Florida!

Ride your motorcycle in Florida

For many motorcycle enthusiast, winter means that biking season is over. You put your Harley in storage, pack your leather motorcycle jacket and gear away and wait until spring. I know many friends who do that, as I use to live in Vermont. Hell, I bet there was only a month’s time in the whole year I could ride my hog without being cold.

It seems to me like such a waste. You pay so much for a motorcycle, put all that care, attention and money into it, just to only ride it a few months out of the year. But for those who live in the south, especially in Florida, the winter months are actually the best time of all to go cruising! Summer in Orlando for a biker is hot, damn hot! Continue reading Winter blues? Ride your motorcycle now in Florida!