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Leather motorcycle saddle bags & more

leather motorcycle saddle bags

I hope everyone is having a good Memorial day weekend, grilling and chilling. Just don’t forget what it’s all about, the Veteran’s that make it possible for you to do whatever you want to do here freely. Well I’ve talked a lot about how leather is made and leather jackets, so today I’ll talk a bit about leather bags that are made for your motorcycle.

Now then, motorcycles don’t have much in the way of built in storage space, so there has been a lot of different types of bags that you can strap on, bolt on, tie on, throw on or however else you can manage to keep a bag or pocket on your bike. There are basically 5 different types of standard bags that fit on different parts of a motorcycle.

These are leather motorcycle saddle bags, motorcycle tool bags, leather sissy bar bags, windshield bags and leather motorcycle luggage or travel bags. Now they come in lots of different sizes and shapes, so you need to really measure your bike and pick what ones fit the best. Some places have bags made for different brands of motorcycles, but most are a “one size fits all” deal. Continue reading Leather motorcycle saddle bags & more

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Why buy leather?

womens leather fringe jacket

So why should you buy a leather jacket, or any other type of leather product? With all the new synthetic fabrics and even fake “leather” shouldn’t you be able to buy stuff that looks better and wears better than leather? The answer quite simply is, no!

You have to think about what leather is. Leather is skin, from an animal. It was a membrane that at one time was alive, growing and forming. Leather is treated organic matter, not some stuff made from heated vats of chemicals. You just can’t improve on real living cells.

Because leather was alive, it can breath, at least to some extent. It was made to protect the cow, or buffalo, or whatever animal it came from. Protect it from the cold, wind, thorns, scratches and other stuff. Once you wear it, it then protects you as it did the animal. Continue reading Why buy leather?

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Welcome to leather Supreme!

Hi, and welcome to leather supreme. I’ve been selling and working with all things leather for years. Leather jackets, vest, coats, saddle bags, ladies purses, wallets and all that good stuff! I even use to airbrush designs on leather jackets and vest.

In this blog I want to share all the information I have collected over the years, and maybe once again sell a few leather jackets and other leather items. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about leather that really ticks me off, and I hope to set that right in here. So welcome and I hope you learn a few things before you buy your next leather jacket!