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Our Vacation Trips Up North

Vermont vacation
Hello good morning everyone its Kerry here sorry we haven’t been posting lately been lots going on since Bill and I been back from our vacations. Which our vacations to Boston and Vermont went really nice and it was a great break for both of us. Bill went up to Vermont to see his family and help out his mom and took plenty of seasonal pictures that we wanted to share. Continue reading Our Vacation Trips Up North

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Fall foliage pictures from my Vermont vacation

Vermont fall pictures 2009

Hi everyone! I’m up in my home state of Vermont for a short working vacation and seeing the fall foliage season. It’s a bit late up here, most of the leaves are off the trees in the mountains. But I did take some pictures that look okay. The one bright day out I had a smudge on my lens, so those are hazy.

Then the next day was overcast, so the pictures came out dull and cold looking. But I made a page of my best pictures you can see here in my Vermont fall pictures page. So you can take a peek at them and let me know what you think. I’ve got to brush up on my photograph skills!

Going for a motorcycle ride in the fall in Vermont is fantastic and a great way to see the best fall foliage. With a good leather jacket to keep you warm and leather gloves it’s not too cold, except maybe for the night. However it’s a bit late in the season now, and I sure am not going riding out there on a bike! Anyway enjoy the Vermont fall foliage pictures.