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New Men’s Denim Vest With Cool Biker, Patriotic Designs On Them!

Men's black denim vest with biker designs on them
Check out our new denim vest with biker designs on them now!

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great 4th of July. I wanted to let you all know we added a new category in the men’s vest section. It’s called “Designed Denim Vest”. In there you will find our new creation; quality denim vest with cool biker, patriotic and military designs on them.

As you may know I heat press biker designs on tee shirts and denim biker shirts. They look so good on the denim biker shirts it got me thinking; why not put them on denim vest? So I tried out a few and the results were great!

I almost never see denim biker vest with designs made right on them. You see patches on them of course, but hardly ever any real designs right on them. Well, now you can, since I’m starting to put them on a few select denim vest. Let me explain why I picked the vest I am putting them on.

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Womens Long Cut Distressed Concealed Carry Brown Leather Vest

ladies long cut brown distressed leather jacket

Click here to check out the newest ladies naked cowhide leather vest! 

Hey guys! Well it looks like a great day to be showcasing yet another unique item here at Leather Supreme. I wanted to check in with all of you and display a ladies braided style leather vest with leather side laces this morning.

This vest is a long cut distressed brown colored leather vest that is made from naked cowhide leather with a decorative braid. This vest also includes some handy features, it has 2 concealed carry pockets with straps and also includes other multiple pockets. Such as 1 interior stash pocket and 2 exterior stash pockets which is good for carrying your belongings while riding. Continue reading Womens Long Cut Distressed Concealed Carry Brown Leather Vest

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Womens purple leather vest w fringes, beads and studs

Womens purple leather vest with fringes, beads and studs
Click here to find out more about this beautiful womens purple leather vest!

Purple and black, when worn together, make a bold fashion statement that’s all but impossible to ignore. When the two colors are leather garments, the effect can be dramatic. Such is the case with Leather Supreme’s black and purple fringe leather vest for women.

The purple leather vest is made of soft, supple cow leather of the best quality. Because of the nylon lining, the vest is super easy to slip on and off. The main body of the vest is black, and the yoke is purple.

Black and purple fringe adorn the bodice, and more fringe can be found along the bottom hem of the vest and on the sides of the vest. The back of the vest also sports fringe.
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Womens pink leather vest, womens pink vest

Pretty womens pink leather vest
Click here for this sexy womens pink leather vest!

Well everyone, at long last I got a new section of womens leather vest made in my little site here! So I thought I’d showcase one today, a cute little womens pink leather vest I have.

I will add mens leather vest also soon, I promise. Actually I am adding a lot of stuff in here, all leather and all quality as always. I still have more ladies leather vest to add, but I think I have a nice selection right now.

I have lots of different colors of womens leather vest, from red, white, orange, brown, gold and pink leather vest. Some are plain, basic types while others are quite elaborate with long fringes, beads, bone, feathers and more.
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Men’s & ladies leather vest

Ladies leather vest

Hello again everyone. I thought I’d write a bit about leather vest today. Leather vest for men and women are close behind leather jackets in terms of being popular. Most people that have a leather jacket also own a leather vest or two. The reasons for wearing a vest are numerous.

mens leather vest For one, leather vest just look really nice! A good looking leather vest can make any outfit look better. Also a leather vest offers a bit of protection without being too hot. They can be made with a liner to keep you warm, and the leather acts as a windbreaker. Yet because your arms are open you don’t get too hot.

They are just right to wear in the fall, on cool days, or maybe just in the evening if you live where it gets cold at night. Of course people that live out in the country like modern day cowboys and cowgirls wear western leather vest all the time and are popular dress up wear for going out. Continue reading Men’s & ladies leather vest

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Leather made from different animals

Leather from different animals

So your ready to get a quality, genuine leather jacket, fine. What type of leather are you going to get? Huh, I thought leather was, uh, leather, right? Wrong! The reason you see so many different prices for leather jackets is because of the different types of leather that they use to make them. There are 3 basic differences to leather.

One is how it’s tanned and treated. There are several different ways they do that, all of them having strong and weak points. Two is what part of the animal did the leather come from, and has it been split, sanded or stitched together. But before all that comes the most basic step, what animal did the leather come from.

Any hide of an animal can be called leather. You can take the feathers off of a chicken, tan the hide and call it genuine leather. But do you want a leather jacket made from chickens? No, I did not think so! Here I will discuss the most common types of animals used for good quality leather jackets and other leather products. Continue reading Leather made from different animals