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The Holidays, time for fake faux leather jackets

fake faux leather jackets

Well everyone, we are now in the Holiday season, or almost there. Along with the Holidays comes lots of bright, shiny new products the stores want you to buy. One of the top items you see at the Holidays is lots of fake, or faux leather jackets. Faux is French for fake, and most leather jackets not made of real leather are called faux leather jackets.

So if your wife or girlfriend, or your man if your a gal, is looking forward to a new genuine leather jacket, the last thing you want to do is get a faux leather jacket. Unless she or he does not mind cheap stuff! So with so many out there during the Holidays, how do you tell them apart from real leather jackets?

Well, any and all fake and faux leather jackets are suppose to SAY they are. Normally it says on the tag, or on a tab attached to the jacket that it’s a faux leather jacket, or just faux leather. However they can get sneaky and creative. Some will call it a leather-like jacket. Or maybe leatherette, synthetic leather, man made leather, even designer leather!

They all mean one thing; it’s a fake or faux leather jacket! A faux leather jacket often has a shine to it unlike real leather. It’s often also thinner than real leather, which is why faux leather jackets are so damn cold! Also many faux leather jackets are very smooth, without the leather grain pattern.

However many faux leather items are stamped with a machine that puts a fake leather grain pattern into the material. A real leather jacket should say somewhere on it that it’s made with genuine leather, or that it’s a genuine leather jacket. If it’s quality it should even say what type of hide the leather is, like cowhide or sheepskin.

If your shopping in a good quality leather store you don’t have to worry. They will not carry any faux leather jackets. But even high end department stores like Macy’s carry faux leather jackets, so be warned. Look for a tag that says if it’s a faux leather or genuine leather jacket. If your not sure, keep looking. Girls don’t like real genuine plastic faux leather jackets!!

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