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The Latest Men’s Biker Shirt Designs and Holiday Weekend Sales!!

mens constitution design denim cutoff biker shirt

Click here to see the newest Men’s denim shirt Constitution design 

Good Monday morning everyone hope that all of you had a great weekend. We did here at Leather Supreme, it seems to be always a short one but anyways we are getting another week closer to the holidays, and I wanted to display for you all some new Men’s biker shirts with the latest designs.

As you can see above this is a Men’s acid washed charcoal sleeveless denim biker shirt with a really cool looking Constitution design on it. It features a really cool design with the American Flag in the background and two crossed rifles with the saying “I Swore To Protect And Defend The Constitution.” It also has the words “Against All Enemies Foreign And Domestic I’m Honored To Be One Of This Great Nations Guardians.”

It is a very patriotic shirt with a very touchy meaning. This biker shirt shows the patriotism to our country and how unified we are. If you are a veteran you might love this shirt or if you are simply proud to be an american this may be the shirt for you this holiday season. Great gift that speaks volumes and goes along way, this shirt is also available in the black twill denim cutoff shirt style as well.

We also have this shirt in a top quality black t-shirt as well you can either have the design heat pressed on the front or the back that is entirely up to you and your preference. Definitely be on the look out for these designs. We also have a couple other denim shirt designs on the charcoal and black twill you can also find those on the site. One is a Stand for the Flag design and the other is Original Homeland Security design.

Both are also great designs and great gift ideas with the ability to have them on either of the denim or black twill shirts or on the front or back of the Men’s t-shirts. I also wanted to inform you that we are going to be having a Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale. This is going to be taking place real soon so we are excited for that.

You will be seeing our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale starting Friday November 23rd through the end of Monday November 26th 2018. This sale will include everything on the site even those new Men’s shirt designs. We will be having a 20% OFF the entire site, so please use coupon code CYBER20 at checkout. Again keep on eye out for that next weekend!! Like always Happy Shopping! 🙂

mens constitution black biker t-shirt

Click here to see the latest men’s Constitution t-shirt today!! 



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