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The Newest Ladies Leather Purses And Bags!!!

ladies leather purse with purple skull

Click here to see the latest ladies leather purse with purple skull  

Hello good Tuesday morning to all of you. I hope that everyone is enjoying the brand new week so far, I know that we are and we are definitely been real busy around here with new products. We are very excited to carry a new category in our store and I think that our lady riders will enjoy these.

As you can see above I want to showcase the latest ladies purple skull leather biker purse. You can find these in our new category on the menu called biker accessories. You can then scroll down and see the tab for ladies bags, purses and click or just click on the link here to check them out!

All of these ladies leather purses and bags are all premium cowhide leather and are top quality. Some of these styles also have a gun pocket/holster and some of them are just regular style belt bags. The ones that are belt bags with holsters are a little bit bigger in size, they measure about 9 x 7.5 inches whereas the others are around 8.5 x 5.5 inches.

These ladies top quality premium cowhide leather purses and belt bags have many different features. They all can pretty much fit an IPhone 6 or better with the extra space for just about anything else you wish to take with you while you are riding.

All of the bags also come with an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit, and you will also find that most of our bags have one pocket located in the front flap of the bag with magnetic clasps and a main inside pocket.

Both pockets also include a soft black textile lining to keep things safe. Some of our other bags you may see also have a back pocket as well for extra space for just about anything. All of these ladies leather belt bags also have two heavy duty lobster like clasps to attach to any belt loops which make it easier for carrying along.

So if you are interested in the latest top quality premium cowhide ladies belt bags and purses look no further. You will find just about any style from skulls, butterflies, hearts, and any cool lady rider design there is on this site. There isn’t anything you won’t find for that biker babe in your life!

Our bags here at Leather Supreme also include chrome studs as part of the design on the front flap to give it a more edgy look. So again if you like what I displayed here today please go ahead and click on the link at the bottom of the page and check out these purses you won’t find them anywhere else!!!

ladies leather bag with purple skull and strap

Click here to see the latest ladies leather purses today!!!

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