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Updated my leather jacket sizes chart

leather jacket sizes chart

I enjoy selling my leather jackets and apparel. It’s nice to get an email from a customer telling me how much they like their new jacket. The one thing that frustrates both me and the customer is when they get the wrong size.

In almost every case it’s a size or two too small. I noticed that often that happens with leather jackets that come in letter sizes. I assume they just pick what letter size they normally wear with other types of jackets.

But because leather jackets are made smaller than normal they often get one too small. So I updated my leather jacket sizes chart so it’s a bit easier to understand with the letter sizes.

If you take a peek at the chart above, you will see that the top section shows the conversion of letter sizes to numeral sizes. So, a medium sized jacket is a size 44.

That means that if your chest measures 44 inches around, a medium leather jacket is exactly that size. However that is NOT the size you want to get! You always want to get an inch or 2, or even 3 or 4 inches larger.

That’s because your going to be wearing a tshirt, shirt, sweater or whatever under your jacket. So you need room for those. Even if you were naked under your jacket you bend and move, and an exact size would feel tight and hinder you.

So if you measured 44 inches around the chest, you would want to get a letter size L, which is 46 inches. If you like a loose fit or are going to wear many layers you might even want a size XL.

Now if you look at the bottom section, that tells you what the numeral sizes are. A size 44 leather jacket is just that, 44 inches around. So if your chest measures 44 inches, you want to get a size 46 or larger, NOT a 44!

Since everyone seems to understand numeral sizes better than letter sizes, I’m going to start to change my letter sized jacket to numeral sizes. So if you order a 46 inch leather jacket, it might actually say LARGE on it, instead of 46.

They are both the same size, just different ways of saying it. I think most understand numeral sizes better, so I will be changing them to that soon. Of course if you ever have doubts, get one size larger or ask me! 😉

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