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USA leather, finding leather jackets made in the USA

Many bikers want to get a leather jacket that is made in the USA. Bikers in general seem to be a more patriotic bunch that want to buy USA leather products whenever they can. However like most things made today, where leather jackets are made and came from can be confusing.

The truth is most leather jackets and leather apparel in general is made outside the USA. Most are high quality, in fact the biggest names in leather wear get their leather outside the USA and also get it made somewhere else.

However maybe you don’t care if it’s quality or not, you just want a good quality USA leather jacket from and made in the USA. If so there are two things to keep in mind, where the actual leather comes from, and where it’s made.

Most leather hides are from Pakistan, China and Indonesia. I know of a leather jacket company that uses the slogan “made in the USA” and another one that labels their leather jackets USA leather.

However in both cases the leather is actually from one of those 3 countries above. They import the leather, then make the leather jacket here in the USA. So, they can legally say it’s “made” in the USA.

But the whole leather jacket is really from Pakistan or China. The hide was taken, tanned and processed from outside the USA, then imported over here, where they then made the leather into a jacket or other leather items.

As long as the jacket was physically made here they can say it’s made in the USA and will not tell you the leather is imported. So it’s a quality made in the USA leather jacket, from China!

Now if your fine with where the leather comes from and just want to be sure it’s MADE in the USA, then you can safely buy one of those that say made in the USA. However if you want a USA leather jacket that comes from AND made in the USA, things get tough.

Even I don’t know many places that do both. There are only a handful of leather jacket and apparel companies that get their leather and make them all right here in the USA. At least ones that are big enough to know about.

There are many small leather jacket places that carry full USA leather but it’s hard to find them. One big company that has very high quality leather jackets and leather items all from and made in the USA is Fox Creek Leather.

They get the leather hides right here in the USA, they get them tanned right here and they make them right here. They even have a lifetime guarantee on all their USA leather jackets and items.

So as you can see, getting a full USA leather jacket is harder than most think and often people who think they are wearing a USA jacket are actually wearing one from Pakistan or China.

They can even get the leather from China, have it tanned in China, get parts of the leather put together in China, but then ship it over here and finish it and call it made in the USA. I don’t think that’s what most have in mind when they think of USA leather.

So if you want a fully made here, raised here and tanned here USA leather apparel, check out Fox Creek Leather or dig around on the net for smaller family run leather operations. Buying USA leather is harder than you think!

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