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Vacation Update!!

fall foliage in Boston!!

Good morning and happy new week to everyone! Just wanted to stop by and give you all an update on this upcoming weeks events. This week starting from Wednesday October 10th I myself will be going away to Boston on a family vacation.

I will be up there with my daughter to enjoy some cooler air and to get a break from Florida for a week, definitely lots of fun things to do and get done. We have a wedding and a football game to attend so that will be very fun and lots of family to see. I will give all of you updates when I get back. I am sure I will have lots to write about!

Also, not only will I be on vacation Bill will also be away starting on Saturday October 13th til Saturday October 20th, he will be in Vermont where his family is located. So both of us will be visiting and seeing lots of fall foliage and getting a nice break from this hostile weather that Florida seems to never get rid of !!

But don’t worry for all of our shoppers the store will remain open during this time. So like always you will be able to make any purchases during this time. However, anything purchased from October 13th to October 21st WILL NOT be able to be shipped out til October 22nd once both of us are back in the office!

Well we both hope to have a great vacation and we will be back with more products and new ideas to kick off the holiday season coming up shortly after we are back. We will definitely be in full swing of things and extremely busy once we are back from vacation and getting ready for our first holiday season with this new site up.

Which again has been extremely exciting to see how this years holiday season goes. Once again, both Bill and I will update you all on our vacations and what is in store for this holiday season when we get back!! Like always from Bill and I, we hope that all of you have a great week and Happy Shopping 🙂

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