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Winter blues? Ride your motorcycle now in Florida!

Ride your motorcycle in Florida

For many motorcycle enthusiast, winter means that biking season is over. You put your Harley in storage, pack your leather motorcycle jacket and gear away and wait until spring. I know many friends who do that, as I use to live in Vermont. Hell, I bet there was only a month’s time in the whole year I could ride my hog without being cold.

It seems to me like such a waste. You pay so much for a motorcycle, put all that care, attention and money into it, just to only ride it a few months out of the year. But for those who live in the south, especially in Florida, the winter months are actually the best time of all to go cruising! Summer in Orlando for a biker is hot, damn hot!

You end up wanting to wear nothing but a tank top and shorts. But of course that’s dumb, cause if you fall off or get in a wreak you might as well kiss your skin and a few limbs goodbye. You also burn your legs on hot parts of the bike, and in summer all of your bike is hot! At the same time, Florida has afternoon thunderstorms every day.

So you end up baking your ass on the asphalt, only to get soaked in the afternoon. Then as soon as it stops raining the sun comes back out and makes you feel like your in a sauna. I still cruise a lot in the summer, but often just in the evenings. Of course then you have to watch the cars even more and hope they see you before they run over you.

But the winter months are fantastic for motorcycle riding! Normally you get temperatures around the 70″s, which is perfect. Also it does not rain at all in the winter, not hardly a day. So you can ride all day and be comfortable and dry. So if you get the winter blues and want to get out your motorcycle, take a Florida vacation.

If it’s too much of a hassle to transport your motorcycle, there are lots of places down here where you can rent a bike. It’s not the same as your own, but you might actually learn a thing or two on a different motorcycle. There is no helmet law down here, but to be safe I’d wear one even though you will see many without one.

The traffic in Florida is not all that friendly for motorcyclist, but then again it’s not friendly for anyone! You have to be on the watch all the time, something you should do anyway. I like to take the secondary roads for a more fun ride, you get to see more too. A1A that follows the east coast is very popular with bikers.

So if you can’t stand those winter blues this year, come on down to Florida and rent a bike for some of the best cruising you’ll ever have, Or bring your own if you can. Just watch the traffic and keep your cool. Also try to use secondary roads and avoid the congested highways like I4. Ask me any questions if your interested!

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