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Womans pink leather shirt

Womans pink leather shirt
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Now that the holidays are over I thought I’d go back to highlighting some of the leather apparel I have. Today I’ll talk about my womens pink leather shirt I have for those ladies that love pink!

This womens pink leather shirt has the style of the denim shirts you see a lot, only it’s real leather,,, and pink. It’s very soft and smooth yet it’s tough and will stand up to wear and tear.

This womans pink leather shirt has a snap button front with two breast pockets that also have snap button flaps. The snap buttons are nickel colored which looks great with the pink leather.

It has a nylon liner inside so it’s very soft to your skin, you don’t feel the rough underside of the leather. The collar is the classic style that you can stand up or fold down.

It has a nice trim fit to it so you’ll look great in it. If your the type of gal who likes pink leather jackets then this pink leather shirt will be a great match. Or wear it alone as it looks great all by itself. (Well maybe some pants too) 😉

As for sizes, this womens pink leather shirt comes in XS to 4XL sizes so it will fit just about all you ladies. So try this one of a kind ladies pink leather shirt and have something different that looks great!

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