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women’s leather halter tops & biker top

women\'s leather halter tops and leather biker halters

My, what a beautiful day it is out today! It’s just right for seeing some hot babes out wearing women’s leather halter tops and biker halters. Today leather halter tops come in a wide variety of styles, colors and designs. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they are a leather halter top or some kind of vest or tank top.

Diamond back leather halter topToday’s woman’s leather halter top can have collars, leather braiding, pockets, zippers, snaps, studs and many other designs. The leather halter top to the left here has a popular diamond back cut. If your a woman with the right figure, a leather halter top looks damn sexy. The biggest problem with getting a leather halter top is finding just the right size and shape that fits your body and,,uh,,, breast!

Different brands cut the leather sizes differently, so it can be very frustrating to find the right type and size that fits you. A quality leather halter top will try to have a stretchy back or sides to better fit your shape. If the top snaps in place it may have two different places to snap for a better fit. Some have side laces that not only look hot but also make it fit better on your body.

leather halter top with fringe and studsSo what kind of leather is best for leather biker halters? Well as you might expect you want a soft, thin leather that will mold to your body. So for leather halter tops you actually don’t want a top grain leather, at least not from a cowhide. That would be too stiff. A split grain cowhide would be soft and strong. A pigskin top grain or split grain would also be nice and soft.

Then of course a sheepskin, goatskin and lambskin would all make nice soft and thin leather. Lambskin might be the softest, but any of the others treated right would make a soft leather. So just try to stay away from any thick, stiff looking leather halter tops. Bulges and ripples on a leather halter look like hell!

leather biker haltersMost leather halter tops have a soft liner inside, some with a little padding. Some just have the raw leather with no other type of liner. Both work well, it’s just a matter of preference. You can buy them with lots of studs and designs, or just plain leather. They can have a zipper front, lace up front or snap button front. Again any of them are fine, it’s all in what you like.

If you want some studs or designs on one but don’t like what you can find, buy a plain one and add what you want yourself. The backs can be open, have a design or have a full back. Braiding, beads and other designs can also be found on some. As always make sure the hardware is of good quality. Hardware is any of the zippers, snaps, studs and anything else attached to the leather.

If it has a stretch fabric on the back or sides make sure the stitching looks good and not ready to pull out. A suede leather halter top also looks great and is very soft. Dyed leather halter tops, colored ones and airbrushed designs all make a woman’s leather halter top look great.

So how do you clean a leather halter top? Can you waterproof a leather halter top? What about conditioning and treating a leather halter top? What do you do if you get your leather halter top wet? I’m going to have to make a page all about how to clean, treat, waterproof and condition leather items!

In the meantime, go to this page on upkeeping your leather jacket. Follow the same instructions you see there, after all leather is cared for the same way no matter what it is. So that’s about it for leather halter tops. If you buy one that fits you right it will form to your shape over time and fit you like a glove, showing off those curves!

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