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Womens Long Cut Distressed Concealed Carry Brown Leather Vest

ladies long cut brown distressed leather jacket

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Hey guys! Well it looks like a great day to be showcasing yet another unique item here at Leather Supreme. I wanted to check in with all of you and display a ladies braided style leather vest with leather side laces this morning.

This vest is a long cut distressed brown colored leather vest that is made from naked cowhide leather with a decorative braid. This vest also includes some handy features, it has 2 concealed carry pockets with straps and also includes other multiple pockets. Such as 1 interior stash pocket and 2 exterior stash pockets which is good for carrying your belongings while riding.

Our ladies naked cowhide leather vest is very durable and great for riding and for the ladies it does give a nice fashionable touch, very stylish in my opinion. Aside from the pockets and braiding, you will notice that this vest also has a button snap front enclosure for your comfort and your adjustment, it also has a soft mesh lining on the inside that makes it pleasurable to wear.

This particular vest also includes leather side lacing that goes up both sides of the vest and gives it a nice touch. This feature helps with any adjustments you want to do to it either while riding or just out and about like always up to how you feel in your ensemble.

The distressed brown color also is very unique and each of these vest vary in color. Neither two vest are alike which would tend to be boring they all have a soft touch to them as well and you won’t see this style too often.

So if you are looking for a vest that has a lot of features and that is very unique, this might be the vest for you. This is a very top quality ladies naked cowhide distressed brown leather vest you can not go wrong. If you are interested please go ahead and check it out you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

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