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Womens pink leather vest, womens pink vest

Pretty womens pink leather vest
Click here for this sexy womens pink leather vest!

Well everyone, at long last I got a new section of womens leather vest made in my little site here! So I thought I’d showcase one today, a cute little womens pink leather vest I have.

I will add mens leather vest also soon, I promise. Actually I am adding a lot of stuff in here, all leather and all quality as always. I still have more ladies leather vest to add, but I think I have a nice selection right now.

I have lots of different colors of womens leather vest, from red, white, orange, brown, gold and pink leather vest. Some are plain, basic types while others are quite elaborate with long fringes, beads, bone, feathers and more.

Most, like this womens pink vest, have nylon liners that are smooth on your skin and cool to the touch. Most are made from split cowhide that has been processed to be very soft.

The result is a buttery smooth and soft leather that is still pretty rugged and will last a long time. They look fantastic too and take coloring very well, having a deep rich color when dyed.

Anyways back to this womens pink leather vest. As you can see it’s cut with a short style, making it look very sexy. along the front sides it has a nice leather braid pattern that really adds to the look of it.

Then also on the front lower sides it has two pockets; one inside and two outside. This womens pink vest has a nice trim fit to it and if you have nothing in your pockets it stays very tight to your body. So the pockets don’t add any thickness to ruin the look.

However if you find that you do want to use them they are big enough for your cell phone, credit card wallet or small stuff like that. Sometimes a pocket or two comes in handy. 😉

To add to the sexy look and make it even more form fitting this womens pink leather vest has side laces AND a V lace bottom in the back. So you can really adjust it just the way you want for the perfect fit.

Finally to top it all off the front has high quality shiny nickel snap buttons, four of them in fact. It’s a very nice looking womens pink vest that will fit most shapes due to the lace sides and back.

So if your a bit small in the chest area you can snug up the laces tight. If your well endowed up there you can slack off the laces so you can breathe! It’s a very popular style I’m sure you’ll love.

I also have this same style of vest in a blue denim fabric and also a REAL leather vest that has been processed to look just like blue denim, how cool is that!

So if your a lady that likes wearing pink, make sure you check out this womens pink leather vest. I will be adding a few more womens pink vest soon, including one in a leather fringe style.

Actually I have them and can get them at any time, I just have not got them listed here yet. So feel free to use my contact form and send me an email about anything you may want. Chances are I can get it.

Make sure you browse all the womens leather vest I’ve just added and let me know what you think. Is there something you’ve been looking for and don’t see it? Got a question about one? Then send me an email, don’t be shy!

If you are looking for a womens pink leather vest, give this one a try. I’m sure you’ll love it and you can always return it for any reason. Plus like all my items you get FREE shipping in the USA! Buy this cute womens pink vest today! 🙂

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