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New leather jacket and apparel model

Leather jacket model

Man oh man have I been busy! I took on a website making project so I’ve been doing that. Anyway I wanted to let you know of something I’m working on here at Leather Supreme. My leather jackets and apparel are quality leather that I buy from a wholesaler, like all retailers do.

The pictures are stock from the dealer. That means everyone who sells this same leather has the same pictures. So I thought, why not make my own and be different? Then I thought, hell why not make videos of my leather!

See the cute girl in the picture up there? That’s my good friend,,,, lets call her leather babe! She’s going to start modeling my leather jackets and apparel. But not just pictures. I’m going to film her modeling the leather also.

That way you can see all around the leather and really see what it looks like. I’ll zoom in so you can see the inside pockets, liners, leather braid detail, all that stuff. Sounds neat huh!

Then I’m going to upload the videos to youtube. That way I’ll get traffic from there, as who doesn’t like seeing a cute babe in leather! But also on each product page in my store I’ll embed the video so you can really see the leather item.

I myself think it’s a great idea. I’ll get traffic to my store from youtube, and you get a much better look at the leather jacket or leather apparel before you buy. You’ll really get to see all the details, not just a flat picture.

Just don’t look too hard at leather babe’s details please! 😉 I already got 6 leather apparel items she’s going to model this weekend for me. So maybe by next week I’ll have a video or two ready to show you.

What do you think, is this a good idea? Would seeing a video of the leather apparel help you decide if you want it or not? Maybe I’ll start modeling the mens leather jackets. Oh wait, I want to make them look good, bad idea! 🙂

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