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Leather jackets for the holiday shopping season

Top quality ladies leather fringe jacket

Ladies leather fringe jacket with studs

Well Halloween is over and that means soon the holiday season buying will start! Yes I know most don’t want to think about it but it seems like each year people start their Christmas shopping earlier.

With times tough for most this year it makes more sense to buy gifts that are practical. A warm leather jacket or coat is a great gift while being something they can use instead of sticking it on a shelf!

I have a mix of both leather motorcycle jackets as well as leather fashion jackets and coats. I will be adding new ones very soon for the holidays, yes I know I’ve said that before!

In fact I want to start selling leather pants, gloves, handbags, saddlebags and all that other good leather apparel I can get my hands on. I also will be starting to sell Vance leather brand apparel in here soon.

They have top quality leather jackets, coats and a whole lot more. Got some nice brown leather jackets too; I get tired of seeing plain black ones all the time myself. Plus lots of cool accessories.

So if your looking for a great gift this year that they will get some practical use out of, consider a quality leather jacket or coat. It will keep them warm, look great and make me happy if you buy it here! 😀

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