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Our Vacation Trips Up North

Vermont vacation
Hello good morning everyone its Kerry here sorry we haven’t been posting lately been lots going on since Bill and I been back from our vacations. Which our vacations to Boston and Vermont went really nice and it was a great break for both of us. Bill went up to Vermont to see his family and help out his mom and took plenty of seasonal pictures that we wanted to share.

It was absolutely nice to see all of the fall foliage and pumpkins everywhere and the weather was definitely gorgeous the entire time no heat or humidity! I went to Boston and had a lot of fun with my daughter we saw a lot and did a lot. I also had a wedding to go to which was beautiful, and I also attended a Patriots game the next day which was by far the best football experience ever.

Nothing like football in the fall weather! We had a blast, walked around the stadium before the game and went to a cool restaurant/bar right there called Tobey Keith’s which had great food and drinks. My best friend and I got to meet new people and actually had some more company it turned out to be really nice.

So anyways now that we are back and had so much fun we are getting into the grind of the holidays coming up. Again, can’t stress to anyone enough on all of the new items to be watching for and to keep your eyes peeled. We are excited to get under way with the holiday season and can’t wait to see what is in store for us!

So again we have tons of pictures at the bottom of the page here that Bill took from Vermont and wanted to share with all of you. If you would like to see these images in a larger size just simply click on one and it brings it up on another page.

To see the next image bigger you will have to the click on the arrow to go back and click on each image to see it in full size and keep repeating the steps for each one. Well I hope that you enjoyed reading about our vacations and we we will keep you all posted with the brand new items we have this holiday season!

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